Who is behind rymmr.com?

The Author

 Ron Faciane

Hi, I’m Ron… for over 25 years, I’ve worked in some aspect of youth ministry, starting with teaching Teen Sunday School and assisting the Youth Pastor in ministry activities at my local church.  Currently, I support our Youth Pastor as a youth coach and counselor, as well as develop curriculum and devotional materials for use on other personal ministry endeavors. I also teach a couples Sunday School class with the goal of equipping a diverse group of husbands and wives with Biblical principles that can help them as the journey through life together.

Since becoming a Christian in 1986, I’ve served as a Youth Director for two churches, as a Christian school administrator, as a Bible Study teacher and leader, and as a deacon for over 20 years.  Along with my wife, Jill, I’ve founded and am in the process of upgrading and moving forward radicalyouthministry.combeyondyouthgroups.com and most recently, EveryTeenCounts.com (“etc.” or “every teen counts. period.”). EveryTeenCounts is in its formative stages and is the culminating vision of my ministry. It’s a large vision, a big dream, and it’s something I’m still working on.

I’m a lay person, blessed by God to have a successful secular career as a consultant in the Oil & Gas industry. But my greater success and certainly my greatest satisfaction is measured through the ministry opportunities God has provided and continues to provide. By His grace, He has allowed me to be used in ways I never imagined for His glory in service to Him. It all began after trusting Jesus Christ as my Savior at the age of 28 (you can read more about my life story if you’re interested). Soon after becoming a Christian, I met Jill. It was obvious that God brought us together for a purpose and we were married at the church the following summer. Shortly after that and within a year of our marriage, the Youth Pastor at our church enlisted us to become involved in the youth ministry as 7th Grade Sunday School teachers.  That was the beginning of what has now become a life-long pursuit of a dream… a dream to minister to teens and see them accept Jesus Christ as Savior, get baptized and then grow in the Lord and produce fruit themselves. These days, I spend most of my time balancing tasks between my family, my consulting work and my ministry activities.  I love Jesus and teens, and that love compels me to press on.

In service to the King,