If you knew me at all, you would realize that I love music. Music has played a part in shaping my personality and has been an integral part of my life since early years of my youth. Truthfully, I can’t sing or play a lick of music. I can hum a tune or whistle a bit. In church on Sundays, I make a joyful noise. However, I can listen to good music with the best of the crowd. But for me, music goes beyond listening for enjoyment and provides edification in a very personal way. Contrary to the popular notion that music is simply entertainment and doesn’t influence life decisions or day-to-day attitudes, the truth is that music breaches the innermost walls of heart and soul. That’s why it’s especially important that the message of music is uplifting, meaningful and based on truth. At Christmas, I always seek new music that relates the Christmas story in new ways. I especially like Christmas songs that testify of the impact that the Savior King Jesus has on the artist’s life.

Sometimes, I stumble across a Christmas song late in the season, and it strikes me in such a way that I regret not discovering it sooner. That was the case a few years back, when I first found the song “Pretty Good Night” by Unsearchable Riches (now simply Jeremy and Kimberly Sorensen). For example, this year, I finally got around to listening to Happy Christmas Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4 – a set of four CDs that I had in my collection for a couple of years but had not found the time to play. By finally, I mean the week before Christmas. Actually, it’s Christmas Eve and I’m finishing up Volume 4 now. Happy Christmas is a compilation of Christmas songs performed by Christian artists and groups. It’s available on BEC Recordings.

From the four volumes of Happy Christmas, and from other sources,  I’ve discovered five songs in particular that are now on my Christmas favorites playlist for this Christmas and Christmases to come. Most of the songs are originals (or at least songs that are unfamiliar to me), but there is at least one new rendition of a classic that could make this short list of new favorites. Here they are:

  1. “Saviour of Fools” by Puller (taken from Happy Christmas Volume 1, Track 18)
  2. “Can You Hear” by Hillsong Live (taken from It’s Christmas, Track 25)
  3. “Evergreen” by Switchfoot (taken from Happy Christmas Volume 4, Track 1)
  4. “Jesus Gave Us Christmas” by Emery (taken from Happy Christmas Volume 5, Track 6)
  5. “Peace Child – O Come Emmanuel” by The Normals (taken from Happy Christmas Volume 2, Track 10)

As an afterthought, there’s one other worthy of mentioning here, a version of “The Chipmunk Song” by Lost Dogs (taken from Happy Christmas Volume 2, Track 16). The Lost Dogs provide a version of this fun favorite that is one of the most creative renditions I’ve encountered.