Now that Christmas Eve is upon us, the Christmas spirit is in high gear. The shopping is wrapped up, whether in the stores or on the iPad. The lights are either up or they are bound to stay in the attic. The Christmas parties are winding down or on hold until next season. And most of all, the Christmas music is streaming non-stop, even as our ears have numbed to the jingle, jangle, holly, jolly tunes. Now is a good time to take inventory of things that I wish I’d missed this Christmas… things I really don’t much care for during this blessed season:

  1. The “X” factor – replacing the holiday’s namesake – Jesus Christ – with a letter of convenience. Removing Christ from Christmas makes absolutely no sense, especially when acknowledging the holiday and celebrating it in any sort of way.
  2. Holiday neutrality – There’s nothing wrong with having a happy holiday or sending a seasons greeting, but let’s be real… this is Christmas, so let’s have a Merry Christmas and recognize it for what it is – a celebration of Jesus Christ, the Son of Man and Son of God who changed this world and gave it hope.
  3. Santa overload – I have nothing against holiday traditions. In fact, I have many of my own… scary ghost stories and tales of the glory of Christmases long, long ago… but there’s more to this season than Santa. It’s called Christmas for a reason.
  4. Darkness at dusk – What’s happened to holiday lighting? I remember cruising through streets and neighborhoods looking at creative displays at nearly every home. I’ve travelled to many communities this season and it’s darker than ever… everywhere. We need some light!
  5. Highway hustle – This goes without saying for most of us… The traffic is worse every holiday. On my way to church on Christmas Eve, we had a line of over 20 cars at one stop sign. So much busy-ness on such a silent night.